A universal extranet that integrates CBA management with all your clients

If you do not want to have a CBA management platform or you already have one that you like, but you want to work in a simple and integrated way with your clients associated with the eIntegra Universe …! eIntegra PLUS is your solution!

eIntegra PLUS is a universal extranet for the coordination of business activities with which you can unify management with the companies you work for, regardless of the CAE platform of each one, since it allows easy access to all clients from a single online access.

You can do an integrated re-publication, uploading documentation only once, with the coordination requirements of each of your clients; as well as consulting in a unified way the access control and the accreditations of your workers, equipment and subcontracting chain in each client.

Save time! Work in a unified way with the platforms of the eIntegra

It works in an integrated way with all the clients of these platforms that are part of the eIntegra Universe:

What can you do with eIntegra CAE PLUS?

  • Automate document loading, saving time and money. You only upload a document to the extranet and the application distributes it to all your clients who require it
  • Simple re-publication in one step, facilitating your work or reducing to zero the re-publication costs of 3rd companies that outsource the service
  • Consult in an integrated way the compliance status of all CBA documentation of all the clients you work for
  • Check the status of documentary access control situation of workers, equipment and companies of the subcontracting chain in an integrated way in all clients
  • Automate the creation of companies, workers and equipment in different clients, carrying out the registration process only once
  • Improve CBA management with clients, optimizing response times and your productivity

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