Do you want to change your application to unify CBA management with your clients?

If your current Coordination of Business Activities application does not meet your expectations and also the majority of your clients use platforms associated with eIntegra… Maybe you need a change!

eIntegra CAE migra is the solution for contracts and subcontractors that will allow you to unify the management with your clients. It is economical, easy to use and so that the tool change does not take away a single minute, we make the migration of your databases completely free.

You can upload documentation only once meeting the coordination requirements of each of your clients and consult in a unified way the access control and accreditations of your workers, equipment and your subcontracting chain in all the companies you work for.

Migrate your data for free and work integrated with the platforms of the eIntegra Universe!

Work in an integrated way with all the clients of these platforms that are part of the eIntegra Universe

What can you do with eIntegra CAE MIGRA?

  • Free migration of all the information and documentation of your current platform
  • Work once in all clients that have platforms of the eIntegra Universe
  • Register and manage companies, workers and equipment by workcenters/contracts
  • Configure the Documentary Model according to your needs and that of your clients (documents, positions / accreditations, emails and distribution lists)
  • Document Management and Coordination by center (Documentary summaries, pending documentation, current, historical, etc)
  • Generate documentary reports of companies, workers, accreditations, equipment and access control
  • Generate management control reports: N of actions by user / center / company / document, response times, cost control and subcontracting tree
  • Management of dashboards for decision making
  • Automatic reading of worker documents using OCR character recognition
  • Work directly from your mobile phone with the App eMoviliza (Android / iOS)

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