The API solution to integrate any CBA management platform

If you are using a CBA application that does not belong to the eIntegra Universe and you do not want to change it, but you work with many clients with platforms that are associated, you may be interested in eIntegra API.

Through the eIntegra API web services, we will create a secure two-way communication channel that works through an access key. You will only have to request your platform to develop a small module that uses the functions of the eIntegra API.

You will be able to work in an automated way in the documentary management of the coordination and in the management and control of the situation of your companies, workers and equipment within the licenses of your eIntegra clients.

Open your secure and private communication channel with the eIntegra platforms

Integrate your application, which does not belong to the eIntegra Universe, with all the clients of these platforms that are part of it:

What can you do with the eIntegra API?

  • You will automate the loading of documents, saving time and money. You only upload a document and the application distributes it to all your clients who require it
  • Easy re-publication in one step, facilitating your work or reducing the administrative costs of re-publication to clients of eIntegra platforms to zero
  • You can check from your own platform the document status of access control of your workers, equipment and companies in all your clients with platforms associated with eIntegra
  • Consult in an integrated way all the CBA documentation of all the clients you work for
  • Automate the creation of companies, workers and equipment in different clients
  • Improve CBA management with customers, optimizing response times and your productivity

Are you a company that markets its own platform? Let’s collaborate

If you have your own platform or you outsource the process of coordination of business activities in your clients and they work with main entrepreneurs who have platforms from the eIntegra Universe , do not miss business opportunities. You can now collaborate with us to build customer loyalty by offering high added value services

Use the eIntegra API solution and develop the coordination integration process on your platform with the platforms of the eIntegra universe once. Automate document re-publication processes and the management of companies, workers and equipment from your application

Market the eIntegra API service and get significant volume discounts. We seek business synergies by offering our respective customers added value

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