CBA integration solutions for contracts and subcontractors

eIntegra comes to respond to the demand of many contracts and subcontractors that work with clients that use different platforms for coordinating business activities.

With its four business solutions: eIntegra CAE, eIntegra CAE migra, eIntegra Plus and eIntegra API allows you to simplify your management and communicate without difficulty with all the companies you work for.

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Unifying your CAE management in one application saves time and money!

You will be able to upload the documentation once to all clients, complying with the coordination requirements of each one of them, as well as consulting the access control and accreditations of your workers, equipment and your subcontracting chain in a unified way.

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eIntegra Universe.
The integral CBA solution

! Optimize management productivity,
working once ¡

Our platforms manage more than 450 clients, 70.000 Contracts, 1.500.000 of Workers, 15 TB of documents

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eIntegra CAE, eIntegra CAE migra, eIntegra PLUS or eIntegra API
are the definitive tools that will allow you to integrate your CBA management with all your clients
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